Exclusive Movie Privileges1
Enjoy up to 10% discount on normal tickets purchase when you use your GSC-Hong Leong Credit Card at all GSC Outlets. Here's how:-
Below RM 10 RM0.50 per ticket
RM10 and above RM1 per ticket
RM 20 and above RM2 per ticket
RM 30 and above RM3 per ticket
RM 40 and above RM4 per ticket
RM 50 and above RM5 per ticket
RM60 and above RM6 per ticket
1Only applicable for normal adult tickets. Not applicable for Wednesday pricing, Student, Handicapped, Senior Citizen, Children and discounted Film Festival tickets.

*Note: Revision of ticket discount entitlement is effective from 17 Dec 2009 onwards.

Approval Offers2
Upon Approval, you will enjoy:
- 1 x Complimentary Movie Ticket
- 1 x Small Popcorn Combo Set
- 1 x 50% Discount Voucher on Food & Beverage Purchases at GSC's Outlets
- 5 x Buy-1 Free-1 International Screens Movie Tickets
2- Non Klang Valley GSC's outlets, International Screens Movie Tickets can be redeemed as normal asterisk (*) movie tickets.
- Not applicable for Gold Class, Premier Class, Twin Seats, Digital 2-D and Digital 3-D movies.

Priority Ticketing Lane3
With your GSC- Hong Leong Credit Card, you can now purchase your GSC movie tickets faster and hassle free through our Priority Ticketing Lane.
3Available at selected GSC outlets only.

Great Refreshments Offers4
Enjoy 10% discounts for the first 3 months when you purchase your refreshments via the concessionaries counters with your GSC- Hong Leong Credit Card. Subsequently, get 5% discounts on your purchase at concessionaries counters.
4Only applicable for non-promotional items.

Exclusive Dining Privileges At GSC's Food & Beverage Outlets5
Enjoy up to 15% discounts when you dine in GSC's Food & Beverage outlets with your GSC- Hong Leong Credit Card.
5Not applicable for promotional item and catering. Applicable for dine in only at Glitters Café, Paradiso, Café Caro & Dessert Bar.

Incredible Bonus Value Privileges6
As a new GSC- Hong Leong Principal Credit Cardholder, Platinum Cardholders will be entitled to RM100 and Gold Cardholders will be entitled to RM60 worth of Bonus Value. You can use this Bonus Value to pay off up to 50% of your ticket purchase. . Below is an illustration of a Platinum Cardholder with a Bonus Value of RM100:-
Trans # B/F Bal BV Ticket(s) purchase Cost per ticket Total cost 1st Disc
(Up to 10%)
Payable Amt 2nd Disc
New Payable Amt C/F Balance BV
1 RM100 2x Gold Class tickets RM60/ticket RM120 RM6/ticket RM108 RM54 RM54 RM46
2 RM46 10x normal tickets RM12/ticket RM120 RM1/ticket RM110 RM46 RM64 RM0
(BV=Bonus Value, Trans=Transaction, B/F=Brought Forward, Amt=Amount, C/F=Carried Forward, Bal=Balance, Disc=Discount)
6Only applicable to new Principal Hong Leong Group Cardholders

How to check your Bonus Value balances?
1. SMS: message: gsc bvbal <16 digit GSC-Hong Leong Credit Card number> and send to 36600
*Each SMS cost RM 0.30
2. Website: Log in to with your GSC member ID
3. Ticket Purchase: A ticket print out on Bonus Value balances every time you purchase your movie tickets with GSC-Hong Leong Credit Card

Visa payWave
Discover the simplicity and convenience of owning a GSC- Hong Leong Credit Card with Visa payWave. This latest breakthrough in contactless payment, you only need to "wave-and-go" for payments, it's that easy.

Annual Fee Waiver For Life
That’s right! Absolutely no annual fees at all! Both you and your Supplementary cardholders will automatically enjoy a waiver for the first year on your annual fee with a minimum swipe of 1 transaction within 45 days from card issuance date. Subsequent year annual fee will be waived if you spend at least 12 times on your GSC- Hong Leong Gold or Platinum Card.
Complimentary Personal Accident Insurance
Once your card is activated, you will be automatically protected with a COMPLIMENTARY Personal Accident Insurance coverage which provides accidental death and injury cover.

COMPLIMENTARY Travel Accident and Inconvenience Benefits
You will automatically receive Complimentary Travel Accident and Inconvenience Benefits when you charge your travel purchases to your GSC – Hong Leong Credit Card. You will be covered for any inconvenience due to any flight delays, luggage losses or missed connections.

Visa Cardholder Privileges
Your Hong Leong Credit Card lets you enjoy exclusive cardholder privileges from Visa. You will get to enjoy special packages and value-added benefits from an assortment of leading hotels, spas, resorts, golf courses, travel, dining and retail shopping both locally and globally. Just log on to for various offers and promotions that you can enjoy.

Touch ‘n Go Zing Card
Life's journey is smooth with the Hong Leong Bank Touch 'n Go Zing Card. Just pay a minimal subscription fee of RM10 or redeem with 2,000 'Bonus Plus' points to get your Touch 'n Go Zing Card and enjoy automatic reloads whenever your balance reaches a minimum RM50 in your card. It's so convenient and hassle free!

'Bonus Plus' Rewards Programme
Irresistible merchandises await you! Just accumulate 'Bonus Plus' Points whenever you use your Hong Leong Bank Credit Cards. You will be rewarded with ONE (1) 'Bonus Plus' Point for every Ringgit charged to your card. The more you use the card, the more 'Bonus Plus' Points you'll earn and the more choices of merchandises you will have!

12 Months Zero Interest Motor Insurance Installment Plan7
Enjoy the convenience and extra savings on interest when paying for your Motor Insurance with your Hong Leong Bank Credit Cards at Zero Interest Instalment Plan for 12 months. All you need to do is purchase or renew your Motor Insurance at any Hong Leong Bank branch.
7Applicable only with Uni.Asia General Insurance Berhad

24-Hour Customer Service Hotline
If you're in need to get quick access to emergency cash, you'll be happy to know help is just a phone call away. Just call our Hong Leong Bank Customer Service Hotline at 03-2616 1133 for general enquiries, to request for a temporary increase in your credit limit or to report your lost or stolen card and more. Our Customer Service Hotline is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to attend to all your needs.