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Release Date: (35MM, 2D) 28 Aug 2014
Director: Cheuk Wan Chi
Cast: Nick Cheung, Sammi Cheng, Angelababy, Oho
Synopsis: Hong Kong residential property is reported to be the most expensive in the world. Nevertheless, four average Joes would still do anything to become proud property owners. Lung (Nick Cheung), a hardwor..
Release Date: (35MM, 2D) 28 Aug 2014
Director: Gordon Chan
Cast: Deng Chao, Liu Yi Fei, Collin Chou, Ronald Cheng, Jiang Yi Yan, Anthony Wong
Synopsis: The reputation of the Four constables survives, but since Emotionless's departure, there have been changes at the Divine Constabulary.  The four rescue Zhuge Zhengwo from An Yun Shan's mountain f..
Release Date: (35MM, 2D) 28 Aug 2014
Director: William Eubank
Cast: Brenton Thwaites, Laurence Fishburne, Olivia Cooke, Robert Longstreet
Synopsis: Nick and Jonah are MIT freshmen with a passion for hacking. While driving cross-country through Nevada with Nick’s girlfriend, Hailey, they follow rival hacker Nomad’s clues to a location ..
Release Date: (35MM, 2D) 28 Aug 2014
Director: Jiang Jin lin
Cast: Vivian Chow, Pauline Lan , Li Lou, Song Yunhua, Zhang Liang, Bu Lusi
Synopsis: College freshman Si-Ying gets a part-time job at”Café. Waiting Love” coffee shop, where she befriends Abusi, a tomboyish barista who can make any coffee the customer&rsquo..
Release Date: (35MM, 2D) 28 Aug 2014
Director: Víctor García
Cast: Peter Facinelli, Sophia Myles, Nathalia Ramos, Carolina Guerra
Synopsis: "Gallows Hill" follows an American, David (Peter Facinelli), widowed from his Colombia-born wife, flies to Bogota with his new fiancee, Lauren (Sophia Myles) to retrieve his rebellious teenage daughte..
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