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GSC Suria Sabah

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How To purchase movie tickets via Android?

Initiate GSC Mobile App (android)

Initiate the “GSC Cinemas” App from your android or other iOS devices.

GSC Animated Splash Screen

Upon the initiation of the App, you will be greeted with the GSC's splash screen animation.

‘Promotions’ Page - Navigation

The default landing page for GSC Mobile App (Android) is the ‘Promotions’ page where you can view the latest GSC or movie promotions. From here, you can select your preferred tabs such as:-

  • ‘Cinemas’
  • ‘FasTicket’
  • ‘History’
  • ‘About’

Mode of selection

To start your movie selection, select either 'Cinemas' tab, 'Movies' tab or the 'FasTicket' tab.

Cinema Selection

Select the cinema where you want to watch your movie

Date Selection

Next, pick the preferred date of screening

Movie Selection

And your preferred movie

Movie Time Selection

And don't forget to select the preferred showtime

Check Movie Ticket Details

Check your movie ticket's date, movie and time here before pressing next.

Fill Up Details

After completing your selection, you'll then be prompted to enter some details for verification purposes. Then, click on the preferred payment method – m2u, PayPal and RHBank

Proceed to the next page

 Ticket Type & Amount Selection

Select the ticket type and number of tickets required. Tickets are limited to max 6 per transaction, no limits to number of transaction as long as there is credit in m2u mobile account.

Press next to continue

Seat Selection Screen

Pick your preferred seats from the screen.

Press next to continue

Confirming your ticket

Your selected seats will now be “reserved” while you complete the transaction. In the event that the transaction is not completed within 8 minutes, the seats will be released. You have to go thru the mobile purchase process again.

Kindly review the ticket details before making payment

Username Login

Password Login

Status Page Confirmation

Please double check the payment details.

Once confirmed, proceed to the next page by pressing ‘Continue’

Entering TAC Code

At this page, will prompt for a TAC Code to complete your transaction

Press on ‘Request a TAC number” to receive a TAC number

Once you have received the TAC number from your mobile set, key in the number in the TAC column and confirm the transaction.

Status Page

Your transaction will then be displayed on the ‘Status Page’

Kindly check the details displayed on the screen prior to logout.

Once your transaction is successful, you will receive a pop up message to confirm the completion of the transaction

Press ‘Ok’ to proceed

Confirmation Page

There will be a pop-up message informing you on the successful transaction within the App.

The 2D Barcode ticket will then be displayed on your mobile screen.

The GSC staff on duty at the cinema checkpoint will scan the 2D Barcode ticket on your mobile in order to validate the tickets prior to entering the hall

Enjoy your movie!


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